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Estimating solutions gives you quick access to top-class online resources, construction cost estimating, cost analysis, value engineering as well as quality support. You will find resources for home owners and construction contractors to deliver your projects to your budgets.

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Learn how to price your construction project

Learn how to price your construction project by using approximate estimating or by developing a fully priced bills of quantities.

Estimating knowledge

Below, you will find a list of articles/lessons on estimating. The lessons are very simple and quick; they take about ten minutes each. The lessons are designed to give you insight into estimating by going through the process. You will pick up the principles quickly, allowing you to price projects more accurately.

Estimating lessons

A very simple set of estimating lessons to get you started. Everything you need to know to take off quantities, then pricing them. The lessons are short and to the point. I hope you find them useful.

Estimating services

Estimating services

We deliver a number of estimating services including takeing off quantities, producing bills of quantities, pricing bills of quantities, value engineering and project management.

Frequently asked questions

How much will my house cost to build?

The cost of building your house can be determined by looking at the cost of similar buildings, then working out the area of the floors and dividing the cost by the total floor area to obtain a rate. You can then apply this rate to the floor area of your new build to obtain an approximate cost or budget. A more accurate method would be to produce a fully priced bill of quantities.

What is a bill of quantities and a take off?

A bill of quantities is a detailed list of all the work items needed to construct a project. A take-off is the term used to measure all the amounts of the work elements. A construction estimator typically works to produce a bill of quantities.

What is value engineering?

Sometimes, when the budget comes back from the estimator, it is more than the project’s finances. In this case, the work elements are analyzed for cost savings; cost savings can be made using alternative construction techniques, taking out work elements and making changes to material specifications. This exercise is known as value engineering.

How do you price a construction project?

The only way I know how to price a construction project is to take off the quantities from the drawings and specifications to produce a bill of quantities, then price the bill of quantities using labour, plant and material costs.

What is estimating?

Estimating is putting the cost elements of labour, plant and materials together to create built-up rates for each work element. The built-up rate is then multiplied by the quantity of work to give a total for that work element. Estimating solutions offer an estimating service if required.

What is project planning?

Project planning uses the cost information within the fully priced bill of quantities to plan the project. For example, the labour element of the work items can be broken down into man days and gang days. This information can be used to create a detailed and accurate timeline to plan the project.

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